About Dr.Cronin

As a young woman, I knew far too many other women who were unwell – tired, moody, in pain, they just knew that something wasn’t right.  These women asked their doctors for guidance, and basic labs were run (all normal) so the advice was “you work too hard, go home and rest, here’s an anti-depressant”.  There was no advice on the care of human frame, dietary suggestions or otherwise, and when these women requested more in-depth labwork they were denied.   Ultimately, they found more compassionate doctors, and received the care they so desperately needed, but I saw first-hand the tremendous struggle of their day-to-day lives for too many years.  They deserved better.

Since that time, I have dedicated my life’s work to making sure that our patient’s get better.  Better visits, better collaboration, better information, better instruction, better treatment, better results.  Funny thing about the human frame – when properly supported, we are capable of the most incredible things.  What would you do if you felt your best, every day, consistently?

To that end, I work to make sure my patients have the information they need to achieve their best, and the support to make it happen.  And, I’ve taken that mission 1-step further by educating other doctors to do the same.  Imagine the ripple effect.  Imagine how many lives we can touch.



Dr. Cronin received her pre-med Bachelor’s Degree from University of Arizona in 2002, and her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2006 from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  She completed her Residency in Family Practice with SCNM.  Since 2007, Dr. Cronin has been in private practice with the Desert Wellness Center, and teaching at SCNM.  She has considerable experience in instruction, lecturing, patient care, and practice management.  She has studied under Naturopathic Cardiologist, Dr. Decker Weiss, and has worked in Addiction and Rehabilitation medicine.

In the classroom, Dr. Cronin has specialized in Clinical Practice and was a key member for the development of the cutting edge curriculum at SCNM.  She is passionate about helping students interact with their patients compassionately, while finding an accurate diagnosis.  This passion has since evolved into weekend seminars wherein she can focus on those areas that are crucial for a successful practice, but that don’t often get much attention during school.  Her instruction is engaging, informative, specific, and full of real-world cases/experience.

In private practice, Dr. Cronin has focused on metabolic medicine, weight loss, hormone management (including thyroid/adrenal), natural pain management, stem cell therapies, and aesthetics.  This offers her patients the ability to look great and feel even better.  She treats men and women of all ages and dispositions, for both acute and chronic conditions.

An Arizona native, she enjoys time with her family, yoga, camping, waterskiing, and ATV riding.  She is married to an incredible man, and they are privileged to have 2 young boys, and 1 cuddly dog.