Menopause and Symptoms

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Menopause symptoms list – it’s not in the brochure! When we think of menopause we generally think of hot flashes and mood swings (which are bad enough), but I see women every day having major symptoms of menopause and don’t even know it! Here are some of the lesser known symptoms you DON’T have to live with:

  1. Palpitations: I have seen far too many patients who have spent thousands of dollars with cardiologists trying to figure out the source of their (frightening) palpitations. Oftentimes, all it takes is some low-dose bio-identical hormone replacement and those palpitations clear right up. If you’re getting flutters and flip-flops, low estrogen may be the culprit!
  2. Migraines: Even in younger women who haven’t hit menopause yet, migraines are often driven by low progesterone. This hormone in particular is vital to good health, and unfortunately many of our conventional physicians assume that you only need progesterone if you plan to have a baby. This is false! We have progesterone receptors everywhere, many in the brain, and adequate progesterone levels can eliminate migraines, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability.
  3. Joint and Muscle Aches: Stiff and painful joints AND muscles are a very common symptom of low hormones. I have many women whose fibromyalgia symptoms or just plain “creakiness” resolved completely once they normalized their hormones.
  4. Brain Fog: You know the feeling – staring at your computer wondering “what was I doing”, or losing your focus mid-conversation, walking into a room and wondering “what was I doing in here”? Often this is just fodder for a good laugh, but for many it can be very concerning. Some women even find themselves forgetting important tasks or conversations. Research tells us that maintaining optimal hormone levels reduces your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, my clinical experience clearly shows that adding in some bio-identical HRT can keep you sharp and focused day-to-day.
  5. Insomnia: If that to-do list is swirling in your mind, or you’re awake worrying about everything under the sun, or you’ve woken up in the night for who knows what reason, your hormones may be to blame. Progesterone is invaluable here, and works so well to alleviate insomnia. What could you accomplish with a full night’s rest? This is one way we can help you be your best self, every day.

Having low estrogen and progesterone can impact every cell of a woman’s body. If you don’t feel your radiant self (or maybe it’s been so long you don’t remember who she is?), talk to your doctor to have your hormones tested!