Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone imbalance becomes more and more prevalent as we age and can wreak havoc in our lives.   Ask any woman with severe PMS or any man with low Testosterone, and they will tell you that every part of their lives is impacted.  Hormonal changes can affect your mood, weight, focus, memory, sense of well-being, sexual health, sleep, and so much more.

For so many years, the only treatment option available was synthetic, artificial hormone replacement or birth control.  These medications were just different enough from the hormones we naturally produce to raise your risk of blood clots and certain cancers (among other things).   Overall the last several years, Bio-Identical Hormones have become the new standard of care.  These hormone replacement options are identical to what your body makes already, making them easy for your body to use and metabolize without increasing your risk of cancers, clots, strokes, etc.   Furthermore, for women, our research continues to show that progesterone is just as important (if not more important) than estrogen in female health, and supplementing with progesterone will decrease your risk of cardiovascular problems and certain cancers.

For those men and women who need it, hormone balancing will reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.  This is in addition to feeling “like yourself” again, with motivation and joie de vivre, wellness and vitality.

Simple lab tests will tell us if your hormones need some balancing, and from there the treatment options are many.  There are options to make lifestyle and diet change which may do the trick for you.  Certain herbal medicines can give your hormones a little boost if that’s all you need, and certain prescriptions can “jump start” your body’s OWN production of hormones (an excellent option for younger patients).  For those who have started menopause or andropause (“male menopause”), bio-identical hormone replacement is the best bet for relieving symptoms and preventing illness in the future.   Bio-identicals allow us to customize a dose specific to your labs and your symptoms, with great safety and efficacy.