Aesthetic Treatments

It is our great privilege to help people look as good as they feel.  Smoothing creases, lines and wrinkles, plumping lips, rejuvenating skin, and restoring hair growth can give you an instant boost in self-confidence.  Looking, feeling, and achieving your best very often go hand in hand.  There are many simple, non-invasive treatments to address your concerns, in a customized plan providing the most beneficial and cost-effective options.   A natural appearance is always the goal!  Treatment is made as comfortable as possible using a variety of anesthetics and pain reducing methods.

Facial Filler:

Contour the areas of lost volume with a quick in office injection of Hyaluronic Acid known as Juvederm or Voluma.  The treated areas will first be numbed with a light topical anesthetic.  Injections take about 15 minutes, results are seen immediately, and can last a minimum of 6 months up to 2 years depending on injectable type chosen.  We Offer Brilliant Distinctions points to earn money toward future treatments.  Fillers are used in the lips, cheeks, lower face, and nasolabial folds to replace lost volume and restore a more youthful appearance.  Fillers are a wonderful option for changes in the face due to weight loss, aging, and more.


The most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure has been proven safe and effective with over 20 years of treatment data.  The muscle relaxing Botox injection can provide relief of fine lines and wrinkles as well as relieve tension often causing headaches.  It is a subtle way to reduce the signs of aging around the “crow’s feet”, furrow lines between the brow and even soften fine lines around the mouth.  We Offer Brilliant Distinction points to earn money toward treatments.

PRP “Stem Cell” Facial Injections:

Natural PRP facial rejuvenation is a simple non-invasive office procedure which harvests the healing properties of blood cells to repair aged skin.  Done in conjunction with a Micro-Needling treatment it provides a visible change in wrinkles, scarring and even age spots.  PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, which is derived from your blood.  It is all natural, and uses your own stem cells to rebuild collagen and restore a youthful luster to the skin.  Each treatment will continue to heal your skin for up to 7 months, in a subtle and natural way. Learn more here.

PRP Hair Restoration

The Platelet-Rich Plasma mentioned above is extremely effective for restoring your natural hair growth.   The solution is injected with anesthetic into the scalp, and will not only low hair loss but will accelerate (or create) growth of new hair.  This is an excellent option for male pattern baldness, alopecia areata, hair loss associated with hormonal change, and many more. Learn more here.


Stimulate collagen and reduce fine lines using your own bodies natural healing response.  The Dermapen is a small device that quickly “needles” the skin to deliver an anti aging and hydrating serum.  The micro injury leads to rebuilding of tighter and toned skin.  Read more about Micro-Needling here.

Organic Skin Care:

We proudly carry Eminence Organics.  These products that are clean, green and AWESOME.  No chemicals, no animal testing, all natural ingredients and it actually works!  A staff favorite is the Bamboo Firming Fluid.  This powerful serum provides natural retinol alternative and a plant stem cell hydrator that reverses the signs of aging while providing optimal moisture.