Weight Loss

50% of Americans are struggling with their weight – more than ever before.  And, more than impacting their health, this struggle has tremendous implications in their personal and professional lives.  Being overweight is no easy thing, and the journey to lose is often long and frustrating.  For those who are lucky enough not to carry extra weight, it seems so easy – eat less and exercise more.  For those who are fighting their own battle it can be deeply complicated – physical, psychological, spiritual, hormonal, relational, and more.   Often there are undiagnosed hormone or thyroid imbalances, or perhaps a person is eating very few calories but from the wrong kind of foods (or at the wrong times of day).  Sometimes the biggest issue is an unsupportive family, or an inability to cope with stress -and so we eat.  Sometimes, we just need a jumpstart, a little success, a reminder that our goals are possible and within reach.

Dr. Cronin has been working in weight loss for years, and has fought her own battle with weight as well.  As a young woman she fell into the trap of eating the wrong kinds of foods, and later struggled with the hormonal weight changes that come with pregnancy.  She understands the challenges and psychology that come with being overweight, and endeavors daily to help her patients overcome them as well.  She has worked with patients who have struggled all their lives to lose, with those who never had an issue until menopause, and everything in between.

Just as we all have unique relationships with our food and our physiques, there is no one “diet” or program that will work for all patients.  Be it paleo, ketogenic, whole foods, gluten-free, vegan, intermittent fasting, fasting mimicking, or HCG-assisted weight loss – we all respond differently, and we all have different lifestyles within which to work.  Finding the right solution for you and your family is key to sustainability.  Dr. Cronin has personally tried each program she recommends so that she can speak honestly about the benefits and challenges of each and share real-world tips and tricks to assist you on your journey.   She’ll also run comprehensive labwork to make sure nothing is standing in your way.

Feeling comfortable in your skin, and eating to nourish your amazing body is a gift we all deserve.  When you’re ready to open that gift, give us a call.